Live Chat Guide: "Build My Online Store" Interview

Unlock live chat insights with the "Build My Online Store" interview guide. Learn effective strategies for customer engagement.

Jon Tucker
CEO HelpFlow
Live Chat Guide: "Build My Online Store" Interview

Build My Online Store is a podcast for e-commerce store owners where the hosts, Terry Lin and Travis Marziani. They offer live chat guide and share insights from their experience running stores and expert interviews.

We were interviewed on their show in in episode #169 about how to use live chat effectively in an e-commerce store.

Live Chat Guide: Interview Summary

You can listen to the full interview here.

  1. Interview starts (08:05)
  2. How can someone else manage live chat for you (12:25)
  3. Having the answer every time is not as important as committing to getting them an answer later (14:50)
  4. Mistakes stores make with live chat (16:00)
  5. Example of how chat works (19:55)
  6. Great site design doesn't stop people from asking "obvious" questions (21:40)
  7. Track live chat metrics in Google Analytics (23:55)
  8. Crazy ROI examples from live chat (25:15).
  9. Conversion rate of chat vs no chat (26:35)
  10. Advanced tactics for live chat (invites, etc.) (30:10)
  11. Which features matter when choosing live chat software (35:25)
  12. Don't get too personalized on chat invites (36:45)

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