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Managed CX Operations That Drive Revenue Empowered by AI

We are NOT an outsourcing agency simply providing "agents". We help brands implement a CX Strategy to drive revenue, maximize LTV, and align CX with marketing - while maximizing the use of AI.

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The outsourcing agency model is broken

Why Choose HelpFlow?

Do you want better agents, without the huge markup?
Do you want agents that drive sales, not just "tickets"?
Do you want to avoid team management breakdowns?
We provide BETTER service and results, at comparable rates

How We'll Work With You

CX Strategy Planning

Before pitching anything, we'll work with you to assess your current CX efforts, including metrics, infrastructure, team, & workflow. From there, we'll create a CX Strategy together to that will drive revenue and LTV, while having strong infrastructure and management.

Full Implementation

Based on the CX Strategy we develop together, we'll implement the technical infrastructure, analytics, and management framework needed to start driving results. This also includes the hiring, training, and integration of Agents as needed.

Management and Improvement

Once your CX Operation is launched, we can be accountable for managing the CX team. We'll also drive improvement with your marketing and operations team to drive more revenue, increase LTV, and leverage automation and AI to stay lean.

We Cover All CX Channels

We work within your tech stack

Our Metrics of Client Success

Conversion Rate

5x+ conversion rate for website visitors that our CX team engages with.

Lifetime Value

25%+ increase in customer LTV once the full cycle of CX strategy is in place.

Customer Satisfaction

90%+ CSAT score across all customer service channels and scenarios.

Response Time

Under 10 second live chat response. Under 1 hour response across other tickets.

CX Driven Revenue ROI

300% ROI on CX team investment vs revenue directly attributed to CX team.

Nearly 100% Retention

We maintain a near perfect retention rate on newly onboarded and existing clients.

Nearly A Decade
Of Happy Clients!

Mark B
CEO, Medical Equipment Company

“HelpFlow is a Core Part of Our Team”

We wanted to make our customer service world class and hired HelpFlow to handle live chat better than we were doing. HelpFlow stepped right in and quickly become a core part of our team.

I highly recommend them!

Edward G.
OWNER, Wheels and Tires Company

"Our Conversion Rate Has Gone Up Consistently"

We have used HelpFlow for several years. Prior to using them, we were unable to consistently provide quick responses to customers. With HelpFlow, our customers now get fast responses 7 days per week. The complicated questions are referred over to our inside sales team and HelpFlow handles the rest. Our web site conversions have gone up consistently, which clearly justifies the cost of this service. I would highly recommend this to anyone selling products online.

Mitchell E.
CEO, Company Selling Lighting Supplies

“I Was Skeptical At First - But Customers Are Very Happy!”

I was very skeptical at first. I didn’t think HelpFlow could pull off customer service for us — lighting products are very technical.

But HelpFlow has done great! Customer satisfaction over 90% for chats, they get responses any time of day within seconds, and everything is very very professional.

Larry G.
Owner, ATM Distributor and Processor

“This Is The Best Marketing Investment Ever”

We’ve been working with HelpFlow for years it has been the best single investment I’ve made on the internet.

They keep refining their responses so our customers get helpful information and are teed up perfectly if my team needs to help.

David B.
Wooden Structures and Furniture Manufacturer

“HelpFlow Executes So Quickly!”

I love how fast you guys react to the feedback we provide. It’s been great to see you implement things so quickly and constantly improve.

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template
CMO, Company Selling Online Courses

“Offering 24/7 Customer Service is a Huge Win for Our Customers”

What I appreciate most is having our business operate with 24/7 customer service. Beyond all the metrics, it just really enhances the experience for our customers.

Your team is amazing, they’re dynamite. They’re always there. I just felt that communication with them has been great. Our experience with HelpFlow has been top shelf, I would highly recommend working with HelpFlow.

Rocket Agency Helped Us To Reach Our Ambitious Marketing Goals - Rocket X Webflow Template
Co-Founder, Company Selling Jewelry

“HelpFlow Did a Good Job Learning My Business”

You guys did a good job adapting and learning what our brand sounds like and how we talk, how we respond and our core values.

At first, I wasn’t too sure you could do this. I had some concerns, your team did a really good job. They learn as they go and we’re always adapting - I'm happy with the results!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template
Rob S

“HelpFlow Has Netted Us Well Over 4-5X Their Cost”

WE LOVE HELPFLOW! We couldn’t keep up with chats in-house and their team have been phenomenal!

Our conversions and revenues have increased substantially. The cost is a no brainer as their direct efforts have netted us well over 4x to 5x the cost of the monthly service.

John Paul M.
Owner, Company Selling Insulation Products

“HelpFlow Has Most Definitely Increased Our Sales”

Great service that has most definitely increased our sales. HelpFlow handles a lot of sales directly on live chat which leaves my sales team free to generate bigger sales.


Actual Feedback From Visitors We Helped

“All issues resolved!”

To my delight Lois went beyond my question(s). All issues resolved!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Dog Harness Customer

“The agent was helpful!”

The agent was helpful and when she didn’t know the answer to the question, they took the time to go look it up and I appreciated that!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Leather Accessories Customer

“Very easy to shop!”

I wasn’t gonna ask but once I saw the chat box pop up I considered asking my question rather than searching on the website. Very easy to shop!

Rocket Helped Us To Increase Our Retention By 300% In One Month - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Handmade Grooming Products Customer

“She was very helpful...”

She was very helpful explaining how to measure my puppy dog for the harness, thank you & god bless!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Dog Harness Customer

“Quick, attentive & professional!”

Lyn did a wonderful job sorting out our issue. Quick, attentive and professional!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Handcrafted Leather Goods Customer

“Agent was top notch!”

The agent was top notch and deserves a pay raise for his excellent customer service skills.

Excellent service!

Rocket Agency Helped Us To Have Simply Impressive Results - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

E-cigarette Customer

“Exactly what I needed!”

Great help! was able to provide exactly what I needed for comparison of tables!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Ping-pong Equipment Customer

“She was very patient with me and understanding and reassuring.”

She was very patient with me and understanding and reassuring. I got the last item I needed for my kitchen. Thank you so much for your support. It makes it so I don't spend tons of my time wondering if there will be any problems.

Rocket Agency Helped Us To Reach Our Ambitious Marketing Goals - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Ceramic Cookware Customer

“Very Impressed”

I am very impressed that someone was on hand to deal with this for me.

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template

Visitor We Chatted With

Premium CBD Customer


Better Service, Comparable Pricing

Our competitors hire junior overseas agent teams run by expensive US managers. We hire senior overseas agents run by local managers with years of corporate experience. This allows us to provide a far superior experience for you as a client, at comparable (or better) pricing.

CX Strategy

Project-Based Pricing

Want to lead your industry in CX, with increased revenue, LTV, and AI efficiencies? We'll help you develop and implement CX Strategies across your organization based our on experience with 100s of brands.

What’s included
  • In Depth Strategic Audit, Including Infrastructure, Workflow, Team, etc.
  • Comprehensive CX Strategy Development and Roadmap
  • Full Implementation Support and Project Management
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Managed Agent Teams

As low as $9 / hr / agent

Experience the ease of having a high-performing customer service team, without the stress of managing everything yourself. We'll recruit, hire, train, and manage a team of dedicated agents for your brand.

What’s included
  • Dedicated Senior Agents for All CS Channels
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Training and Quality Team
  • Operations Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to onboard a CS Team?
Is there a long term contract or minimum term?
Are agents dedicated to my business?
What sort of training do these agents have?
What tech stack and tools do the agents work with?
How do you help with CX strategy related projects?
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