What Do Our Clients Think Of Our Services

We have been providing multiple service offerings to a wide range of eCommerce stores since 2015. Below, you can see Client feedback, case studies, and even comments from customers we've helped.

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We've helped many clients become more successful in their business with our services.

We help with their live chat, customer service, marketing and recruitment. We were able to help them not just in driving sales but also achieving results in the other areas of their business.

Mark B
CEO, Medical Equipment Company

“We wanted to make our website world class”

We wanted to make our website world class and hired HelpFlow to handle live chat better than we were doing. HelpFlow stepped right in and quickly become a core part of our team. I highly recommend them!

Edward G.
OWNER, Wheels and Tires Company

“Website conversions have gone up”

We have used HelpFlow for several years now. Prior to using them we tried live chat on our own, but we were unable to consistently provide quick responses. With HelpFlow, our Web Site customers now have access to live chat 7 days per week. The complicated questions are referred over to our inside sales team, so they can concentrate on warm leads and not routine questions. Our web site conversions have gone up consistently, which clearly justifies the cost of this service. I would highly recommend this service to any company selling products online.

Mitchell E.
CEO, Company Selling Lighting Supplies

“Customer rating approval is over 90% for chats.”

I was very skeptical. I didn’t think you would be able to pull it off — lighting is very technical. But it’s been the opposite, our customer rating approval is over 90% for chats. Very, very professional. A customer can go on any time of day and then get a response within seconds.

Larry G.
Owner, ATM Distributor and Processor

“Best single investment I've made”

We’ve been working with HelpFlow for a couple of years and I feel it’s the best single investment I’ve made on the internet. They keep refining their responses so people visiting our site get helpful information and are set up nicely when we do speak to them.

David B.
Wooden Structures and Furniture Manufacturer

“You implement things so quickly and constantly improve”

I love how fast you guys react to the feedback we provide. It’s been great to see you implement things so quickly and constantly improve.

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template
CMO, Company Selling Online Courses

“Your team is amazing, they're dynamite!”

The HelpFlow approach is really data driven but what we got beyond that was we got the experience of getting to operate a website which has 24/7 live chat which beyond all the metrics, it just really enhances user experience.

Your team is amazing, they’re dynamite. They’re always there. I just felt that communication with them has been great. Our experience with HelpFlow has been top shelf, I would highly recommend working with HelpFlow.

Rocket Agency Helped Us To Reach Our Ambitious Marketing Goals - Rocket X Webflow Template
Co-Founder, Company Selling Jewelry

“You guys are doing a good job!”

At first, I wasn’t too sure. Obviously I had some concerns but I think your team is really good. I think they learn as they go which is good too. We learn from our mistakes and we’re always adapting, so pretty happy with the results.

You guys did a good job adapting and learning what our brand sounds like and how we talk, how we respond and our core values. You guys are doing a good job!

Meet The Team At Rocket - Rocket X Webflow Template
Rob S

“Our conversions and revenues have increased substantially.”

WE LOVE HELPFLOW! We couldn’t keep up with the chats in-house and Edward and his team have been phenomenal! Our conversions and revenues have increased substantially. The cost is a no brainer as their direct efforts have netted us well over 4x to 5x the cost of the monthly service.

John Paul M.
Owner, Company Selling Insulation Products

“Live chat drives website sales so my sales team can focus on bigger deals.”

Great service that has most definitely increased our sales. This live chat feature with HelpFlow also leaves my sales team free to generate bigger sales as they are not interrupted during working hours with live chat visitors. As a result we have sales generated from live chat and also our sales teams sales are kept separate.

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