Lighting Superstore Increase Conversions by 5X & Average Order Value by 43% with Live Chat

Lighting Superstore Increase Conversions by 5X & Average Order Value by 43% with Live Chat

Because 24/7 live chat helped simplify complex product selection and narrowed down the customer’s search, this lighting company achieved double-digit Revenue Impact every month.

24/7 Live Chat

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“Rocket agency helped us to reach our ambitious marketing goals”

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Executive Summary

One of HelpFlow’s clients is a lighting superstore that typically sees more than 150K site visits per month to their ecommerce website.

Before HelpFlow started working with this client, the business was already successful but was seeking opportunities to improve performance.

Like other high-traffic eCommerce businesses, the client experienced high rates of cart and checkout abandonment.

They were hoping not just for more sales through reduced abandonment rates, but also wanted to improve conversion rates for visitors in general.

Key Results

Key Results

Client Benchmark

Client Benchmark

Client Benchmark

Strategy 1: Simplify Complex Product Selection

Because of the complex nature of product selection with this client, the many choices cause site navigation to be overwhelming and can often result in search fatigue.

  • 85K potential customers viewed a product page, but did not proceed to check out
  • 53% of those customers viewed multiple products

The potential revenue impact was calculated assuming a 0.5% conversion of the multi-product cohort multiplied by the AOV. And HelpFlow was able to easily achieve and surpass the targeted revenue impact.


  • By setting out to engage with interested browsers on the client’s website.
  • By engaging with visitors across the client’s entire website—including at checkout, in their cart, on product pages, about us pages, and more. HelpFlow was able to quickly guide visitors to the right landing pages down the sales funnel.
  • HelpFlow found that when customers were able to narrow down their search, they were more likely to convert and more likely to spend more.

Strategy 2: Abandoned Cart Recovery

The next piece of HelpFlow’s strategy involved reducing cart abandonment.

As most successful eCommerce businesses know, cart abandonment can put a serious dent in revenue. And this client was no exception.

  • Shopping cart abandonment causes over $18 billion in lost yearly revenue for eCommerce brands according to Forrester Research.  
  • According to Statista, cart abandonment rates continue to rise, growing from 59.8% in 2006 to nearly 70% in 2020

With more than 100 clients served and 1,000,000 chats answered, HelpFlow has mastered the art of predicting cart abandonments before they happen.

As a result, HelpFlow agents can reach out to shoppers before they begin to abandon your site (i.e. 1-2 steps before) in order to answer questions, re-engage shoppers, and prevent abandoned carts.

For this lighting superstore, HelpFlow tracked and engaged abandoned carts both onsite and offsite.

Onsite, HelpFlow tracks checkout behavior for those with abandoned carts and takes action to engage.

And because this particular client was already deploying emails and ads to recover abandoned carts, HelpFlow used a simple 1-click live chat with a call to action.

This customer’s Google Analytics data showed that:

  • 3,968 customers per month began to check out but didn’t complete a purchase
  • 70% of those customers moved beyond checkout all the way to the payment page but still fail to complete a purchase

Using this data, potential revenue impact was determined using AOV and a conversion rate of 3% for those who began to check out. And 5% for customers who made it to the payment page.

Stats on Cart Abandonment

According to Forrester research, shopping cart abandonment currently causes eCommerce brands to lose a staggering $18 billion in yearly sales revenue.

Reasons for abandoning carts can include lack of clarity about the order, questions about shipping or discounts, and “just browsing”, according to OptinMonster.

On phone devices, Barilliance says cart abandonment can be as high as 80.79%.

Barilliance tells us that cart abandonment email open rates are incredibly high at around 43.3%.

The Results: Exceeding Expectations

KPIs across the board, including revenue impact, conversion rates, and average order value—all increased dramatically in a single month.

In just 1 month, HelpFlow was able to achieve the following results for this client:

  • 11X Revenue Impact(Targeting 3X)
  • 188 New Sales From Chat(Targeting 70)

In the next 2 months, the results kept on coming:

  • 28X Revenue Impact(Targeting 3X)
  • 436 New Sales From Chat(Targeting 70)
  • 43% Higher AOV(Through Chats)
  • 5X Higher Conversion Rate(From Chats)

Revenue Impact

HelpFlow budgeted for a 3X revenue impact. In other words, for every $1 spent on HelpFlow’s 24/7 live chat, it was estimated that the client would see a revenue increase of $3.

HelpFlow was able to significantly exceed that target. The client experienced revenue impact of:

  • 11X in the first month
  • 24X in the second month
  • 28X in the third month

Month over month increases like these suggest that HelpFlow’s robust onboarding and learning processes effectively equip their agents with the necessary knowledge to inform and convert our clients’ website visitors.

Because HelpFlow agents are proactive and motivated to continuously learn the business, they become increasingly effective over time.

New Sales

Incorporating high-quality 24/7 live chat does more than just prevent checkout abandonment. It can also give active shoppers the touch of customer service needed to drive a sale.

That massive revenue impact was generated because of sales converting during HelpFlow’s live chat. HelpFlow agents were able to get up to speed quickly and make a difference right away.

When the client hired HelpFlow to manage live chat, they saw 188 additional sales in just 1 month alone.

From there, the client experienced month over month increases in live chat sales:

  • 396 sales from live chats in month 2
  • 436 sales from live chats in month 3

Again, this significant month over month increase reflects how effective HelpFlow agents are once they dig in and learn about your business and your customers.

Average Order Value (AOV)

The client experienced a significant boost in AOV once HelpFlow live chat was engaged.

Significant might be an understatement. A 43% increase in AOV is not easy to achieve unless you are leveraging something as powerful as HelpFlow live chat.

Needless to say, it was just one more welcome surprise for the client.

Conversion Rate

The end goal for positive revenue impact hinged upon HelpFlow agents converting between 3% and 5% of checkout abandons.

In 1 month, approximately 169K visitors browsed the client’s website.

  • 1.10% of those made purchases without chatting
  • 7.3% of those visitors made purchases after chatting with HelpFlow agents

Over a 3-month period of time, HelpFlow’s live chat was able to drive 5X more conversions than compared to visitors who did not chat.

HelpFlow: Your 24/7 Live Chat Team

Research shows that when you use live chat effectively, you squeeze more sales and revenue out of your existing traffic:

  • 10-30% More Sales: Adding live chat to a website that already has quality traffic producing sales typically increases conversion rate 10-30%.
  • Lower Cost Per Sale: By increasing your conversion rate without increasing ad spend or traffic, your cost per lead or sale drops significantly.

But eCommerce is a 24-hour industry. Shoppers are online browsing your site 24/7.

Work browsers, midnight browsers, Sunday afternoon shoppers—these are a core part of any online store’s primary audience.

And without a live chat team to re-engage these users, answer their questions, and drive them to purchase, you run the risk of leaving money on the table.

This client was doing just that until HelpFlow came into the picture.

Now, HelpFlow live chat agents are driving profitability for this lighting superstore by knowledgeably answering questions, narrowing the customer search, increasing AOV, minimizing cart abandonment rates, and creating a 28X revenue impact.

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