Abandoned Cart Recovery: Mastering Multi-Channel Strategies

Unlock the power of abandoned cart recovery with multi-channel strategies. Maximize conversions and win back lost sales.

Jon Tucker
CEO HelpFlow
Abandoned Cart Recovery: Mastering Multi-Channel Strategies

Many stores seek advice on abandoned cart recovery strategies, often inquiring about effective emails or retargeting ads. However, when it comes to abandoned cart recovery, relying solely on a single tactic like emails is insufficient to significantly impact the recovery of sales from the extensive list of abandoned carts.

Maximizing cart recovery is all about having a multi channel approach, with all channels working together to serve the customer (not annoy them).

We provide 24/7 large chat teams to 100+ stores, and saving cart abandons with live chat is a big part of our focus. We integrate live chat throughout the entire checkout recovery cycle.

I thought it be helpful to share a fully integrated multi channel approach that our most savvy clients use for cart recovery.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: Connect on Site Before They Abandon

Analyze visitor behavior on your website to see the patterns of people that end up abandoning. You can set up live chat in your checkout process to engage with these visitors a step or two before they are likely to abandon. This will lead to conversations that save sales.

Email Them With Their Saved Cart / Offer Chat Help

In the event of an abandoned cart recovery, promptly send an email to the customer to inform them that their cart has been preserved for future completion. Additionally, provide a live chat option as a direct call to action to address any immediate inquiries that may have led to their cart abandonment.

For marketers, it’s obvious this is an automated email. But for normal people, if they receive a helpful email like this without a big pitch or discount, it can lead to a lot of saved sales.

Start Showing Ads With Reminders and Offers

If they didn’t convert from the saved cart email, start running retargeting ads. That will gradually get more sales. Depending on your brands strategy for discounting, it seems to work well to gradually transition from a reminder focus to a discount focus.

The key is to align these ads to make sense as part of where they are in the abandon cycle. Don’t just launch discount ads right away.

Shift Emails to Reminder / Discount Approach

A common oversight in abandoned cart recovery campaigns is the initial focus on reminders and discounts. Often, carts are abandoned due to unresolved issues or questions. Initiating the abandoned cart recovery process with a discreet notification that their cart has been saved, coupled with an invitation to chat, can foster numerous discussions that ultimately rescue sales.

But there definitely is a point where reminders, discounts, and other sales pitch type of messaging performs best. Integrate those into your flow at the same abandon cycle points where your ads shift to this.

Include Texts, But Make Sure They're CONVERSATIONS

Integrating text messages as an additional channel can work well, but you need to remember this a conversational medium. Not another way to broadcast marketing.

Rather than having yet another third-party vendor managing customer communication on SMS, we have found that it works well to craft the messages so they naturally lead to people using live chat on the website. For example, linking them back to their cart on the website with a chat box already open if they have questions.

Is This Sparking Ideas?

Our approach, which includes abandoned cart recovery, has been adopted by numerous clients, as we serve as their store’s 24/7 live chat team. We’re eager to delve into your team’s structure during a Strategy Call. Regardless of our future collaboration, you’ll gain substantial insights from our joint strategizing. Feel free to schedule a session at your convenience to explore abandoned cart recovery strategies. Always happy to help!

Your Store Needs a 24/7 Live Chat Team

HelpFlow can drive sales by having our team of human agents available on live chat 24/7 to predict and save abandons before they happen, proactively reach out and engage with visitors via SMS and email after they abandon, and by answering visitor questions live on your website to convert visitors.

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