need to hire a specialized remote team member?

Managed recruiting service for rockstar overseas teams

We help you recruit, hire, and onboard rockstar overseas team members with experience in the roles you need to scale - and at rates 80% less than US equivalents.

How we can help

We make it easy to build a rockstar remote team

Our founder has been building rockstar overseas teams since 2007. Apart from our done-for-you services, we can also help you hire specialized roles:

Logistics Coordination

Need someone to coordinate with suppliers and manage shipments?

Inventory Management

Need to coordinate inventory with your onsite team and manage orders?

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Want someone in house to do bookkeeping and accounting?

Web Development

Want someone you can rely on to make changes to your site anytime?

Graphic Design

Want someone available for graphic design projects full-time, quickly?

Social Media Management

Want someone to engage on social media for sales?

Don't see the type of role listed that you're hiring for?
Let us know who you're hiring, as we can hire for a very wide range of roles. Contact us today.


We don't outsource!
We hire experienced
and loyal partners.

Our CEO first hired a Filipino employee in 2007, while still in college. Blown away by the experience, he quickly built up an overseas team to help on website and online marketing client work he was doing.

Along the way, he saw the power of hiring experienced employees rather than the cheapest "VAs" available. With a focus on experience and a willingness to pay above market rates, he eventually built a team of rockstars in the Philippines doing everything from project management to client engagement - and even closing sales.

HelpFlow was built from day 1 with our CEO in California and the rest of the team overseas in the Philippines. Over the years, Clients have been impressed with the caliber of our team and were constantly interested in hiring their own rockstar remote team members.

We launched HelpFlow Recruiting to meet this need.
As long as you have a great company people want to work for and an open mind to working with amazing employees overseas, we can help!

Our Process

The Path to Success in Hiring a Rockstar Team

1. Hiring Planning Call

We’ll meet to discuss your company,  your hiring needs, the overseas experiences you’ve had, and the specific details we need so we can successfully hire for the role.

2. Recruiting / Interviews

We’ll manage all recruiting efforts, including outreach, screening, assessments, interviewing, and pitching your role to rockstar applicants. We’ll refer the top applicants to you for final interviews.

3. Onboarding to Success

Once you’ve selected an applicant, we’ll coordinate a successful onboarding and new hire integration process so you can ramp them up to rockstar as quickly as possible.

Case Study

See the impact of rockstars we’ve hired
for our Client Partners

We’ve hired 1000+ team members since 2007 for many different roles. Take a look at the types of team members we’ve helped our Client Partners hire for and the keys to success in those projects. This will give you a good idea of what we can do for you.


Watch the video below to see how our Recruitment Service works

Below is a 4-minute video explaining how we handle recruitment for over 100 clients and how we drive revenue for their business.

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