Live Chat Solutions: Quick Problem Solving Strategies

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Live Chat Solutions: Quick Problem Solving Strategies

Discovering a malfunction on your website after days or weeks of marketing can be quite disheartening. The real issue lies in the delay of problem detection without a straightforward method for identification. This makes pinpointing issues a difficult task. Implementing live chat solutions can provide immediate feedback and alert you to any problems, ensuring a more efficient resolution process.

But if you use live chat and make it easy for visitors to talk to you, they will flag issues to you much sooner than you would typically find them—broken issues on your site, malfunctioning Klaviyo flows, etc. Visitors will tell you about all of these quickly if you make it easy for them to chat with you.

At HelpFlow, we provide 24/7 live chat teams to over 100 e-commerce stores. In addition to chatting with visitors, we make it a point to systematically surface insights from chat conversations to clients to improve their business and fix problems.

In today’s post, we’ll share examples of issues you can identify quickly and easily with live chat if you’re using it.

Live Chat Solutions: Broken Klaviyo Flows

Live Chat Solutions broken

Let’s say you have a consultant configure a welcome flow that gives a discount to new customers, but you want it configured not to have existing customers get the same discount. That might be a viable strategy, but if you don’t correctly exclude existing customers, it can cause a lot of confusion.

  • Existing customers that happen to be on your list may opt-in for the welcome discount, not knowing that they are already on your list.
  • They will sit there and get confused by not receiving the discount code, which will affect conversions.

When you incorporate live chat solutions, you’ll be promptly informed of any issues, as visitors tend to report them via chat shortly after encountering a problem like not receiving a code. Without live chat, such issues could go unresolved for an extended time, leading to potential frustration among customers who are already subscribed to your services.

By getting chats about this, you can fix the issue quickly. The same concept applies to more complex flows.

Obscure Payment Issues

Live Chat Solutions payment

If your entire payment system goes down, you’ll realize it quickly when sales grind to a halt. But if a payment method starts failing for a select group of users, such as safari browser users only, then you won’t realize it until you’ve lost enough money to notice. Even then, it might take you a few days of testing to realize which group of users are affected.

Again, if you have live chat on your site and make it easy for people to ask questions, you will quickly see which users have payment issues. You will get a lot of chats about payment issues, and with the right chat software, you can see which browser or location all of these visitors are coming from.

By having live chat, you can rapidly plug holes in your payment systems.

Promotion Issues

Live Chat Solutions promotion

Have you ever launched a big promotion with a lot of fanfare, only to realize after a few days that something broke for many users? Missing that window of opportunity is incredibly frustrating after much work gearing up for a big promotion.

Live chat solutions can be a practical tool for swiftly identifying issues. For a more targeted approach, you could set up the chat software to activate exclusively for those who received the promotional email or advertisement. This strategy ensures you’re alerted to any problems promptly, minimizing the impact on the broader audience visiting your site for the promotion.

The Takeaway

Live chat is incredibly effective at driving conversions and saving abandons. But a side benefit to having live chat constantly online is that you can leverage your customer base to notify you of issues that affect your business.

If you’re not currently using live chat to its full potential to save abandons, drive conversions, and surface insights you can use to improve your business, contact us to set up a strategy call today. We provide 24/7 live chat teams over 100 stores and can guarantee profitability.

Even if we don’t work together, you’ll get a ton of insights from the strategy call process since we have worked for so many stores.

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