Negative Review Alerts: Managing Your Online Reputation

Manage your online reputation with negative review alerts. Stay informed and take proactive steps. Learn more.

Jon Tucker
CEO HelpFlow
Negative Review Alerts: Managing Your Online Reputation

Getting a negative BBB review or dealing with chargebacks can become a huge problem. But in most cases, you hear about them after the review is posted or a chargeback is started, so it’s pretty tough to get it reversed and resolved since the customer has already moved it forward. Implementing negative review alerts can help address these concerns promptly.

It’s possible to get an alert right away when someone is considering leaving a negative BBB review or doing a chargeback. By getting alerted and proactively handling it quickly, you can make a lot of these problems go away before they start. 

Negative Review Alerts: Of Course You Can Do This on Live Chat

We run 24/7 live chat teams for 100+ e-commerce stores:

  1. Our main focus on chat is driving conversions, through saving checkout abandons and a lot more.
  2. But we do end up handling a lot of customer service situations.
  3. One thing we do for most clients is watch for chats from angry customers talking about leaving a negative review or doing a chargeback.
  4. If they mention this on chat, we work through the process we build with the client to try to save the situation. We’re successful a lot of the time.

Get Instant Alerts for Negative Email Tickets

Even if you don’t have a live chat team constantly online, you can get a negative review alert through your help desk anytime someone emails you mentioning a negative review or a chargeback.

Here’s the basics of how it works:

  1. Connect your helpdesk with Zapier
  2. Any time a ticket is created, a zap can check to see if the ticket mentions certain keywords, such as BBB or charge back or credit card company.
  3. If a ticket matches that criteria, you can configure the zap to do a range of things to alert you, including sending a Slack message, sending an email tao you, or even sending yourself a text message.

Some help desks will have some aspect of this functionality built in. For example, most standard help desks enable you to build filtered views of tickets that mention certain keywords. But it’s best to have an instant alert.

Once you have these negative review alerts going, you can quickly jump in and respond to customers to ease their concerns and avoid a problem. By responding within 3 to 5 minutes, you will not only impress them with your response time but you will stop the problem from festering in their mind which is hard to bring down later.

Hope this sparks some ideas for you. It's something we get in place for a lot of our clients (in addition to handling this stuff as a live chat team).

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