We Help eCommerce Stores Save Checkout Abandons with a 24/7 Live Chat Team

Around 70% of your checkouts abandon before purchasing due to simple questions or a need for reassurance. Abandon cart email reminders and discounts can’t address these questions like a live chat conversation can. We provide 24/7 live chat teams to 100+ eCommerce stores and can save a big chunk of your checkout abandons.

How It works

How It Works

For nearly a decade, we've run robust and trusting service operations for over 100+ e-Commerce brands. Here's how we help:

Our Agents Learn Your Business

We’ve onboarded 100+ different stores, including medical device companies and other complex businesses. Our process enables us to learn any business.

We Predict Checkout Abandons and Engage

Using in depth analytics, we predict when someone will abandon the checkout and proactively engage them first with an offer to help answer their questions.

We Integrate Chat In Abandoned Cart Emails

If someone leaves the site, we integrate live chat into your existing abandoned cart email campaigns and ads. Offering a simple “Have a question? Our team is online right now to chat” call to action super charges your existing campaigns.

Chat Conversations Lead To Conversions

All sales produced from live chat are tracked directly within Google Analytics and reported on by our Client Success team. Not only will your visitors appreciate live chat 24/7, but sitewide conversion and checkout recovery will increase.

We Integrate Live Chat Throughout Your Website

We’ll integrate live chat throughout your entire website, including in the checkout, cart, product pages, etc. This enables visitors to get help from agents easily.


Happy HelpFlow Clients

We can help you, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of our 100+ happy HelpFlow clients.

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Yuvi A.
Fine Jewelry Store, CEO

“HelpFlow operates like a giant extension of my own team”

We’ve seen great results with HelpFlow. Their conversion rate numbers are really high, but what I really love is the workflow of how they coordinate with my in house team. Having live chat 24/7 drives conversions… but is tough to do in house. HelpFlow operates like a giant extension of my own team.  Highly recommended!

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Edward G.
Automotive Parts Store, CEO

“With HelpFlow, our customers now have 24/7 access to their team”

We have used HelpFlow for years. Prior to using them, we tried live chat on our own but were unable to consistently provide fast responses. With HelpFlow, our customers now have 24/7 access to their team to get help about our products. Our conversions have gone up consistently and clearly justifies the cost of the service. I would highly recommend HelpFlow to any company selling products online.

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Eric B.
Bathing Products Store, COO

“I’m so glad we set up live chat”

We are big fans of HelpFlow. I’m so glad we set up live chat. Not only has it it helped us handle an increase in traffic, but it’s boosted conversions too!

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Schedule a Strategy Call, where we’ll share actionable ways you can use live chat to drive more sales. Whether you work with us or not, this call will help you level up your live chat strategy and drive more sales since we’ve worked with so many stores.

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