How to Hire the Perfect Fit with a Tested and Proven Recruitment Workflow


Recruitment/Hiring rounds can be a complex process for both employers and job seekers. There are several challenges that both parties may face during the course of the hiring process and these challenges can affect the results of your hiring process.

In this resource, we will show you the actual workflow that we use internally and when we are hiring for a client that allowed us to hire the perfect candidate faster and more effectively.

It's important to be aware of the most common challenges that everyone is facing when doing a recruitment round for you to be able to prepare before you start your hiring and address them as you launch.

We will also discuss the things that you need to do to be able to get high volume of applicants and ways to attract the right talent.

We will also go intro detail on effective hiring questions to ask, how you should assess your candidates and more.

Having a robust and well-thought off process is very important to have for you to get an assurance that you will be hiring the right person fit for the role and it will not just going to be a bad hire after a few weeks of working together.

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Who created the Recruitment Workflow Guide? Jon Tucker is the CEO and founder of HelpFlow. HelpFlow is a 24 / 7 done for you live chat and customer service team helping 100+ eCommerce stores with conversions and customer service. With over 6 years with HelpFlow and 10 years before that running marketing for Fortune 500 ecommerce brands, Jon has seen the inner workings of how to run effective customer service operations.

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