How to Maximize the Recovery of Checkout Abandons on Your Website


For every 50 people that start the checkout process, 50 or more of them will end up abandoning. This is incredibly frustrating to see as a business owner, especially when you are investing hard-earned money in paid traffic. Getting so close to purchase but losing half of the opportunities is not fun.

In this cart recovery checklist, we will share a comprehensive list of all the things you need to have in place to maximize the recovery of checkout abandons on your website.

Anticipating confusion and being able to provide the needed answer.

Engaging when checkout slows down.

Implementing abandon SMS and Email best practices.

Sparking up conversations from emails.

Who created the Cart Recovery Checklist? Jon Tucker is the CEO and founder of HelpFlow. HelpFlow is a 24 / 7 done for you live chat team helping 100+ eCommerce stores drive more sales. Over 5 years with HelpFlow and 10 years before that running marketing for fortune 500 ecommerce brands, Jon has seen the inner workings of how to drive massive conversion rate increases in ecommerce.

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