How Growing eCommerce Stores Track KPI To Ensure Your Customer Service Team Works Efficiently


Part of managing a successful eCommerce store is tracking Customer Service KPIs.  This ensures that you are able to provide Good Customer Service and Great Experience to your customers while keeping your Customer Service team working efficiently,.

We created HelpFlow’s Customer Service KPI Guide.  In this guide, we will discuss:

The important KPIs that you need to measure to gauge Customer Experience such as First Response Time, Resolution Time and Customer Satisfaction.

We will also cover important KPIs to measure agent performance such as Capacity, Handling Time and Customer Satisfaction.

We will also recommend an effective reporting cadence that you can follow to effectively review the KPIs that you are tracking and come up with action items with your team.

Within the guide, we will also give you a free copy of the KPI Tracker that we normally use for our clients.  You can recreate this tracker for your business or copy it and use it as it is.  

There’s no cost in downloading the KPI guide and tracker.  Just click on the button below to download the resource,.

Who created the KPI Guide and Tracker? Jon Tucker is the CEO and founder of HelpFlow. HelpFlow is a 24 / 7 done for you live chat and customer service team helping 100+ eCommerce stores with conversions and customer service. With over 6 years with HelpFlow and 10 years before that running marketing for Fortune 500 ecommerce brands, Jon has seen the inner workings of how to run effective customer service operations.

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