Ecommerce AI Mastermind

Create a Human with AI

Create a Human with AI

June 13th, 10:00 AM PDT
What We'll Discuss

How to Create a Human with AI

After 10 years, we figured out how to create a human with AI. We've run Customer Service for 100s of eCommerce Brands for nearly a decade. Over the last three years, we've gone incredibly deep into AI and how to effectively apply it to any business. We figured out how to use the Open AI Assistant infrastructure and other tools to replicate the work that gets done by multiple specialist roles in our business.

In this AI Mastermind session, we're going to explain how it works. We promise, it's going to be packed with actionable insights that will spark AI ideas you can use yourself.

Details and requirements

How The Mastermind Works

This will be a laid-back, no-pitch session where you can connect, learn, and discover actionable AI tactics. Expect a lively discussion filled with actionable insights that'll give you those "aha moments." You’ll walk away with innovative AI strategies you can directly apply to your business, ready to spark real change.









Meet Your Host

An image of Jon Tucker, CEO of HelpFlow
Jon Tucker

Jon Tucker is CEO of HelpFlow - and a huge nerd when it comes using AI effectively. Jon has been leading the charge at HelpFlow in guiding our client brand partners to leverage AI over the past 2- 3 years. In addition to client use cases, Jon has spearheaded numerous ways that HelpFlow applies AI behind the scenes in our operations - so he knows how to apply AI in a wide range of business scenarios.

When it comes to the AI Mastermind, Jon is the perfect moderator to maximize insights and impact. Not only is he deep in the AI rabbit hole, but he's got years of experience being a member and leader of various business groups. With this nerdy knowledge of everything AI + ability to drive a group discussion, these masterminds are sure to be valuable for everyone that attends.

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