April 27, 2022

Improve Your Product Pages with Insight from Live Chat

Improving the user experience of your product pages can be a great way to drive growth.

Jon Tucker
CEO HelpFlow
Improve Your Product Pages with Insight from Live Chat

Improving the user experience of your product pages can be a great way to drive growth. Not only do you provide a better experience for customers, but you can increase the revenue per visit from your existing traffic sources. Pure profit.

With that said, identifying improvements to make can be difficult past a certain point. Yes, you can split test ideas, but that takes time and wastes resources on tests that don't really move the needle.

A great way to identify ways to improve product pages is to get insights directly from customers. If you're already using live chat on your website, you can use those conversations to get a lot of insights. This doesn't mean just reading conversations, it means being systematic about mining the live chat channel as a gold mine of customer insight.

At HelpFlow, we run 24/7 live chat and customer service teams for over 100 stores. In addition to answering visitors' questions and driving sales with chat, we focus on helping our clients get insights they can use from the chat conversations.

In this post, we will share a few tips you can use to improve product pages based on what customers say (or don't directly say) in live chat conversations.

Let's get into it...

Flag Confused Visitors

One simple way to get insights from live chat conversations to improve product pages is to simply have agents flag the chats of confused visitors so the web team can review those chats directly. For example, if agents see a trend of multiple visitors being confused about compatibility questions about a product, surfacing those to the web team might spark ideas for them to test user experience improvements.

This is not a super technical process to do, but when done consistently and integrated into the web team's workflow it can drive a lot of power user experience improvement tests over time.

Ask for Feedback Directly

Customer surveys can be a great way to get a window into the mind of the customer. But the problem with surveys is that response rates are low and sometimes responses are biased.

You can get similar information through live chat by integrating simple questions into conversations. For example, if an agent helps a customer with a question on their product page, you can integrate a question such as the following: "Just curious, was there anything confusing about the product page or ideas you have on how to make it better? We're always looking for ways to level up.".

From there, you can flag responses for the web team to review. While the results might sound like they would be similar to a survey, the quality is often much better because visitors that appreciate the agents' support will provide additional context than they were during a web form based survey.

Try integrating questions into your conversations to spark insights.

Integrate Session Recording

Although a bit technical, adding video recordings of visitors browsing your website and being able to connect those back to live chat conversations can provide an even deeper perspective on how to improve your website.

For example, let's say a visitor is having trouble finding the right product for their needs. The agent can see what page they are on as they navigate through the website, but typically they can't see specifically what the visitor is doing.

By integrating a browsing session recording tool and connecting it directly to the chat, your web team can watch directly what the visitor was doing when they engaged with the chat as even more context about the issues they were having.

By using chat to flag specific visitor conversations to review and adding video as an added layer of context, the web team can get high-quality insights they can use to improve product pages.

What's Next?

The bottom line is that you can use live chat conversations to give you a window into the minds of your customers as a browser website. By using some of the techniques above, I hope you are able to get a perspective you can use to improve your product pages.

Here are a few resources:

  • We run live chat for brands and can drive more sales while making the shopping experience great for your visitors. Check out how we do it (and guarantee profitability) at http://helpflow.com/services/sales-team/.
  • If you're interested in additional ways to drive sales and scale customer service, check out our blog here.

Or if you just have a question on how to apply this to your store, feel free to reply.

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